Guided mediations are free to all clients of any kind – private coaching to classes to retreats. Additional guided practices and live events are also available for free on Insight Timer.

Dharma Talks, Presentations and Podcasts

Threads to the Absolute

Recorded at Shinzen Young Year End Retreat, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Mindful Society Global Institute

Marcy was the featured speaker in March 2021 at the Mindfulness Society Global Institute where the topic for the month was suffering. In her talk, Marcy explains the formulation of suffering as a function of pain times resistance, the Unified Mindfulness definition of mindful awareness, and how applying the latter to the former can lead to “happiness independent of conditions.”
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Tattoos and Torah

Rabbi Iggy, founder and CEO of the T’Shuvah Center, and Marcy discuss the true essence of mindfulness, and the distinct and diverse ways the practice can change your life. They talk about its use in education, parenting, trauma-repair and many other aspects of life. Marcy shares not only about her own journey but also on how to train people who teach and lead others.
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Conversations on the Path: Guidances and Teachings


It is often the case in coaching calls that practitioners ask questions, or topics naturally arise, which are of general relevance to practice or the Path. The result can be a “stand-alone” teaching on a specific issue or topic that may be of interest to other practitioners. This section offers such teachings adapted by an editor from one-on-one coaching sessions. Each is preceded by introductory comments from the editor.

The Power of One-on-One Guidance

Editor’s Note: A long-time practitioner who had been working one-on-one with Marcy for over a year requested, for the first time, that Marcy lead her through a guided meditation during one of their coaching calls. After the practice session ended, the practitioner reported experiencing a significant increase in concentration and sensory clarity compared to when she had tried using the same technique on her own. Marcy commented on her own experience with one-on-one guidance.
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Appeal of Rinzai Zen

Editor’s Note: The two main branches of modern Zen in Japan are Soto Zen and Rinzai Zen. Most Zen centers in the US teach variations of Soto Zen. As far as I know, there are only three official Rinzai Zen branch temples in the US, one on Maui, one in Los Angeles and one in Northern California. A signature feature of Zen training is intensive practice periods, called sesshins, typically lasting a week or more. Sesshins are highly structured and focus on formal practice (called zazen) and one-on-one encounters (called sanzen or dokusan) with a teacher referred to as a Roshi. A practitioner asked Marcy why she finds practicing Rinzai Zen so appealing.
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Becoming Comfortable with Saying No

Editor’s Note: A sense of a fixed and permanent self is often intricately intertwined with doing, and specifically with what one is actually doing, one’s activities. As practice proceeds and the need to constantly congeal around such a sense of self begins to ease, there often arises a willingness to say no to the pull of activities, and even a counter-pull toward stillness, creating a new relationship to time and opening up unfamiliar mental space. This can be disorienting and can produce a good deal of anxiety. As one of Marcy’s practitioners put it: “Old fears come up, like I’m not relevant, and I feel confused. How am I going to manage? It’s just weird, I actually do better in some ways when I’m busier. There’s this push and pull between joy and fear.” The following is adapted from Marcy’s real-time teaching offered to this practitioner.
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Gifts of the Practice

Editor’s Note: Marcy’s father died recently, rather unexpectedly, and she has been spending quite a bit of time helping her elderly mother adjust to a life without her husband. The topic came up in a coaching call with a practitioner who is also facing issues with her own aging mother. Marcy offered the practitioner a “practice perspective” based on her own experience.
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Guided Meditations

From time to time, practitioners in my one-on-one coaching sessions request a guided meditation customized for their particular practice conditions, and often based on specific issues discussed in the coaching session. Many of my guided meditations on Insight Timer are actual recordings of these unrehearsed guidances. I have included two additional guidances here taken from one-on-one coaching sessions that were inspired by the spontaneous interaction between coach and practitioner. I have included the full transcript of one of them in order to illustrate how the guidance emerged uniquely within the context of the coaching session.

Sinking into Awareness

Recorded on coaching call 7-30-2020. 16 minutes.

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Open Awareness Circuit

Recorded on coaching call 4-26-2021. 35 minutes.

Additional Guided Meditations

See – Hear – Feel

Recorded at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Dec 30, 2019. 49 minutes.

See Hear Feel Good

Recorded at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Jan 2, 2020. 33 minutes.

Non-Dual, Not This

Recorded at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Jan 6, 2020. 13 minutes.

Content vs Contour

Recorded at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Jan 8, 2020. 38 minutes.

Feel Flow, Feel Rest

Recorded at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Jan 1, 2020. 29 minutes.

Body Scan

Recorded at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Jan 6, 2020. 15 minutes.

Auto Focus (Do Nothing)

Recorded at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Jan 7, 2020. 42 minutes.

Don’t Know

Recorded at Mary & Joseph Retreat Center, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA; Jan 9, 2020. 41 minutes.